Disposable Hygienic Mat


Mundo Disposable Hygienic Mat
_Adhesive, anti-slip and absorb leak liquid.
_Suitable for all types of floor.
_Keeping the working area clean and dry by hold the spread liquid and reduce the extension of the contamination.
_Improve the quick rotation of the operation with easy cleaning of the working area.
_Avoid accidental fall due to the spread liquid in the work area, making the operation area safer and clean.
_Cost efficiency by reduce the traditional cleaning material like the towel or cleaning paper and reduce the storage space

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Disposable Hygienic Mat is an absorbent and hygienic single-use mat that quickly and efficiently absorbs blood, washing fluid (ie irrigation fluid), urine, and other fluids present in endoscopy-based surgery and urology. It is suitable for standing on and can also be placed under a stool. A design anti-skid/ barrier layer keeps the mat in place and prevents fluids from going through, thereby reducing the possibility of wet and slippery floors. Other than using during surgery, it is commonly used under wash sinks in the OR to prevent slipping and falls.

Disposable Hygienic Mat


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